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Heya CJ and Katie,

Dave here (formerly no_bmw_for_me). Wifey and me just got back from our Labrador ride today. Sorry to hear about Katie's get off. As we were ploughing through some of the stuff on the Trans-Lab, I thought there could be some traps in there. Luckily, the only trap we sprung was a speed trap 15 minutes west of Churchill Falls. I got off with a warning and a lecture about another fellow (ADVer maybe?) breaking some ribs and a shoulder.

The KTM dealer in Mount Pearl is mostly an off-road KTM dealer. I tried to get a dual sport front tire from there, but they didn't have any. The kid behind the counter was incredibly helpful. The Honda dealer had a 80/100 profile Trailwing which worked, but wobbled on decel. The kid even gave me direction to the Honda dealer.

If memory serves, there on only 2 KTM dealers on the Rock. I assume you are hitting Nova Scotia next. The dealer locator only has one there, so New Brunswick is your best bet.

The ferry out of Argentia is running on 3 of 4 engines, so the crossing times have been extended - as you are surely finding out as I type this. I think they are replacing it this fall, so it seems like the company and crew have just said to heck with it on the Smallwood.

Best of luck with the rest of your trip! Hey, it's got to be easier than Mexico!

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