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Originally Posted by Bucko
Great info, RTW. Thanks for taking the time to shed some light on this mysterious machine.

My question: which size Pelicans did you mount? Were they large enough? Too large? Width a problem? I really like the idea of non-metal bags for durability and for being a little easier on my legs should I find myself beneath them.

One more: How did the stock handlebar hold up to the many tip-overs you mentioned are inevitable?

+1 on the request for pics of your machine and mods.


Hey Bucko, (always wanted to say that)

The Pelicans are the 1550ís. They are a bit narrow for really long trips, itís hard to get your bulky stuff into them and hold the stuff in while you close it. You eventually get good at it, but it is a bit of a pain when compared to top loaders. The benefit though is that you can access things even when your rear bag is strapped down.

Where they excel though is in dumps and outright crashes. We had made our own aluminum panniers for Russia/Mogolia and I can tell you even though they are tough, a few falls and they go out of square, never to return again. This is true for almost all aluminum panniers, except the most sturdy (ie. Metal Mule). Once they are out of square, they will leak and allow dust in. The Pelicans are almost bombproof, and I can tell you from experience, can slide, oh say, up to 200 feet on the highway and only lose a bit of skinJ

You can buy the Pelican's cases already set up from Caribou, or you can go for his entire set up. He has a very good product for the price, in particular when you compare it to a lot of the much higher priced luggage systems out there. The real die hard do it your selfers can make it all your self, but you should find this enjoyable, otherwise it will be work. I would say though, that doing your own stuff is quite rewarding, I would recommend trying some small projects and if you like it, keep going.

Stock handlebars are perfectly fine, they are BMW which means the diameter changes from tip to center (where thay are thicker) so they are well constructed. Quick point though, because of this (the bar end weights and the length of the front brake and clutch levers) not all, off the shelf hand guards will work. I used a set of acerbis, but had to lathe a screw to insert into the bar end weight and then had to offset the right to the left to accommodate the levers and the brake resevoir. The BMW guards are nice, fit in nicely to the existing weights etc., but are a little expensive.
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