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Originally Posted by SkidMarx
Get an EZ-Out. You need to be carefull and make sure you dont walk the drill off the bolt and into the AL head. It will chew up the head in a hearbeat. I had one of mine strip out a while back so I put thread inserts in all of them. It's much stronger, and it helps with corrosion since it's steel on steel now instead of steel on AL. I also use a healthy dose of Anti-Sieze just in case.
You may need to pull the head. It would be very dificult to get to the holes near the frame.
A guy that I work with has a machine shop. I donít think I am going to mess around with it, I am going to pull the head and have him machine it out. SkidMarx, do you remember what size inserts you used? Or even what size bolts are used?
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