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Originally Posted by Bucko
Great stuff RTW, and perfect timing as those of us on wait lists while away what are hopefully the last few days before our bikes arrive.

Today's first question is gas - was your 800 re-mapped to run on regular, or were you able to find premium the whole way up?

Number 2 is, did you have any problem with mud fouling between the front tire and fender?


Hey Bucko,

Pretty exciting times, great to hear that they are almost here. I think that BMW should buy everyone a few cold beer as there has been a lot of patience shown by the expectant public.

The bike came with standard 95 mapping, and they weren't set up yet to remap to 91 so I ran the whole way with standard mapping. Strangely enough, high octane was available in almost all countries but not that available in third world countries like Canada:)

In the remote places where I had to occasionally run fuel with octane in the 80's, a little bit of hiccuping on rare occasion but all in all surpisingly little impact. A little increase in fuel consumption, potentially some decrease in performance but under standard conditions you'd be hard pressed to see much difference. If you were pushing it, it would be more noticeable.

Mud fouling - I expected the worst and it wasn't too bad, but that may be a function of expectations rather than actuality. In the really sticky stuff that we all like to slide around in, it will clog some, but most standard off road conditions it was fine. The rear, as you know, has no fender so it all gets tossed fairly clean. And if your ride fast enough, it'll keep it form clogging where the rear tire passes through the swing arm:)

Depending on the height of your skid plate, definitely consider a fender extender to keep the majority of the mud thrown up off your oil filter and oil cooler. My skid plate is high enough that even though I had an extender, I didn't need it.

A couple of the small bolts for the fender rattled loose at one point. It still stays on but will rub against the pretty gold color of your shocks:)
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