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Originally Posted by Fantastipotamus
The one we've got, when it's warm (especially at low speed) revs the crap right out of itself when you stop.. No tach, but it idles high enough that she doesn't have to use the clutch (in first gear, at least).

Does this sound like a carb issue? Is the idle hand screw mucked up? Also, are there any online guides to carb stuff?
Join the 1999-2003_SUPERSHERPA Yahoo group (, and look for DrJeckle's jetting information in the group's files. Basically you want to go up a size on the pilot and main jet (130 main, 20 pilot), and the good Doctor has put together a document detailing the whole procedure for you. This may have already been done on your bike if you bought it used, it's worth a check.

I'd also look for a vacuum leak, especially in the vacuum hose going from the fitting on the head near the carb boot to the fuel petcock. Mine came w/ a small leak there that wreaked havoc on the idle until I replaced the hose.

Other than that, the bike looks good! Mine isn't nearly as pretty!
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