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Originally Posted by RTW Motorcycling
Mileage. Yikes...

between 20 and 17 kms per litre.
40 to 47 mpg, not too bad at all!!
(I heart google, it does conversions for you, just type in "20 km/L in mpg" )

RTW - thanks for all the fantastic info and impressions! I sold my 12GSadv before moving to Oz, and when I go home to the US in a few months, I'm strongly considering the 800 for the generally shorter, smaller road/off-road riding I enjoy most.

I do have one question: did the 800 ever feel "light in the front"? On my 12GSadv, when it was fully loaded, complete with the Mrs on the pillion, the bike would feel like the front wheel was barely touching the ground. The 21" on the 800 makes me think of that.

Random thought: what would an F800GS with a 19" front be like?
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