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Originally Posted by lrutt
Don't you just love old Guzzi's? I really wanted an old Eldo but when the Lemans came up I just couldn't resist. I love them all. I'd really like to get my hands on an old Falcone.
I bought this one in Macedonia a couple years ago, it was a yugoslavian army bike. sheet metal has been customized a bit, runs great. I put 1200km on it here in Bulgaria last weekend, including 5 mountain passes. Its not very fast (happy at about 60mph) but chugs along all day long, up, down, whatever. this is on top of the Stara Plana (old Balkans) about 50km from my place.

Oddly enough, the old yugo land is right next door, but none of these seem to have made it across the border. no one here has seen one before, & it always draws a crowd. I love touring on this, its just so much fun to ride. and that big straight pipe really echoes! :)


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