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i know the design of the engine and i own a pressure washer, though it's never been used on the bike.
i guess in order to get water in there you'd have to lay on the ground and shoot water up in that direction, or you have a pressure washer with a shorter wand than mine.

i have a mental image of me standing on my head trying to accomplish it, that's all.

Originally Posted by bikerlt
I think the 'thou shalt not' approach to pressure washing is a bit much. My example should encourage anyone to know their machine better, not to swear of pressure washing. Heck, any motorcycle is quite intentionally designed to tolerate some water. Highway speeds in rain? And I'm not talking 4.0gpm @4000psi. Car washes are nowhere near that.

It comes down to balancing needs. If my bike is just laden with crap from a sloppy dirt road I don't think twice about checking into a 'misty spray' DIY car wash along the way to get rid of caked abrasive grit. I'm confident enough to know what to avoid. Instruments, carbs, bearings, etc. What did the clutch splines in was an anomaly (an expensive one), but it was a result of my lack of knowledge. I should have known the engine better before I applied water in a way that the designers couldn't anticipate. And the pressure was certainly enough to reach the splines when directed at the engine from behind. If AliBaba is correct, that all airheads are like my own in this regard, go take a look up under your boxer next chance you get.
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