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Originally Posted by bluesman
Colleagues, I am happy to report that we just came back from our tour to Norway...10 days alltogether, me + my wife + luggage, 800 km through Germany (motorways), 350 through Denmark (motorways, boooring), ferry (that's 2 days wasted to and 2 days back) before reaching Norway. Approximately 2500-2700 km in Norway in 6 days on different, mostly small and badly damaged roads.
DR did fine, except that cheap bolt I used to tie gear lever on shaft snapped and I lost gear lever somewhere on German motorway 300 km from home. That'll teach me to watch what materials I use when working on bike. Replaced with more-less suitable gear pedal from Kawasaki dealrship nearby...lost 2 hours.
And another thing - for some reason this time my DR used a lot of oil for 5000 km. Was not the case right before, but before I did not ride it 2-up + 30 kg luggage for 5000 km. Not sure why. No smoke, no loss of power, no nothing...not sure where oil goes. Perhaps a lot of lane splitting in still traffic in Germany to blame. Now bike is at 86000+ km on the clock 10 000 + of which are mine. Going to monitor it a bit. Next time we will go straight to northern Norway as this time we rode lots of roads just up to halfway between Bergen and Trondheim. In a word: it was great and I like northern and mountain parts better than fjords.
Im very Jelious , would be cool to see some pics,
You didnt happen to change the brand of oil you used before you left.
What were your oil consumption Figures
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