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Puke My 73 Yamaha TX750 Rebuild....

What I have 73 (74?) TX750 only parts missing (so far that I can tell )

Left Side sidecover
Left side engine (points) cover

So I started parts hunting.. came up with all the parts I am missing
the left side sidecover was a bitch to get.. it seems that I can find the Right side in various colors and conditions but the only left side cover I was able to find during a months of searching was in the wonderful color and condition of rusted but repairable... I also picked up a Service manual for the thing off eBay.. (Which I hate having to use but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do...I am refering to eBay not the directions ) I will post the pics of the bike tomorrow night... the next few weeks my brother will be up and help me work on my house (flooded in Iowa june floods) and working on the bike

So my trial begins....while i have heard both good and bad (I quote Mike from Mikes XS The (tx750) are a grenade!) pics coming soon...
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