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In the morning it looked like rain in the direction we were going

I look concerned. My vents are open, can't get them closed while riding and I am underdressed. It got cold. Those guys were leading so I beared it. Let the rain begin.

We got to ride through some rain over the divide and dropped down to our turn to hook back up withe route.

Not far down the road the forest service gal started teasing us and then told us the road was closed due to a large fire. She could have told us anything and we would have believed her! She rerouted us (Anytime BTW) around the burn area and asked if we were with the group that just came through? No, how long ago? About an hour. Maybe we will catch them. The Posse is off and riding.

We blast on ahead and run into another closed area, excited to see who we would greet us this time. Bummer, just some guys. We get down to the Rager RS and they said our group was about 10-15 mins ahead of us. This was just like being in a real Posse hot on the trail!

We were on their tracks every turn, not much longer. Who were they? The boys got ahead of me and missed a turn. We lost valuable time, I waited until they turned around and came back. By then the trail was getting cold. Maybe they doubled back on us and were coming from behind?

We hit 395 and head south to Seneca, really the only reason was for a picture. Martins folks lived there during the lumber days long ago. There is not much there, until we spied the bikes. Whats this about?

The owners JW Everitt and his wife Carol run the place. We get shown around and invited to stay. After a long day on the trail a very nice welcome. A definite stop for anyone passing through. Check it out here at Bearcatlodge.
There were many highlights here.
This is Bob

this is Big

Big walked away and decided to hide for awhile

This is Bob and his Arctic Cat going to look for Big

Big came home like cats do and we had a nice sit down family dinner

JW played some tunes for us, another highlight of the night. Martin signs the guestbook. I think we were totally overwhelmed by how this all came to be. Totally unplanned or expected. Very generous hospitality. And if you go, just because JW can rough house with Bob doesn't mean you can. Ask Martin? Fortunately Bob released and no meat was taken. And Martin was being nice....Bob is a cat! The look on Martins face was Priceless!

A 150 mile day

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