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Originally Posted by bluesman
Pictures being sorted now :)

Well, here is all story about oil.
When I left I had halfway between F and L marks, used always Castrol GPS, 10W40 on all my bikes. Bike did eat a bit of oil, but even less that usual for big single. Let say from full to halway mark in 3000 km. I had 0.5 liter of same oil with me to add to make it full. So - that 0.5 liter do not count, but I only added it when in Norway - see below.
First day halfway through Germany it is hot and we hit dead traffic jam - autobahn totally closed because of truck accident.
I filter 20 km through dead still line of cars, engine head temp. shoot up to 176 Celsius (it is not oil temp, it is head under spark plug, so 176 is still OK). Before trip highest temp I did hit was 165 Celsius in offoroad ride.
Then we ride remaining km thtough Germany, Denmark and I never checked oil.
First full day in Norway we go for a challenging ride around Lysefjord - mountin passes, twisties, haripins etc. etc.
That evening I did stupid thing: I checked oil level on cold bike, after it stand there for like 4 hours. I see 0. I mean - I see almost no oil, it is just touching bottom of measuring stick. Despite head temp was totally fine all day. Panick attack. Poured half-liter of that original Castrol oil I had with me in. Touching low mark. Ran to nearest fuel station, bought Shell 10W40 half-synth auto oil. Poured 1 liter in. Oil level (on cold bike) on top.
From that time constantly checked oil level with totally mysterious results. One problem - bike was jacked up with preload at rear to cope with luggage and passenger, when we both on bike and luggage on - level seem to be higher on stick. When I measure on empty bike - L level. Then on hot bike oil seem to be OK, then I forget and check again on cold bike - low level.
I started to go mad really. Riding was difficult, lots of changing rpms and gears, twisty roads, really bad surface, fair amount on 1st and 2nd gear crawling.
In Norway Bought another 1 liter oil. Statoil 10W40 half-synth for cars. Close to end of journey gradually poured it in because level was L again, but every oil check was that mad "measure 5 times, get different results. Before hitting ferry back oil level with all I poured in was full mark.
On way back through Denmark and Germany (1100-1150 km) had another panick attack and poured about 400-500 cc of that usual on German oil stations "no name" 10W40 oil in (quality there usually good even for no name, and it is not particularly cheap) so it was top mark again. Now bike is cold and still jacked up and oil is a bit above low mark.
Today I am going to change oil and filter to original Castrol GPS (now called RS4 - they just changed name).
Look forward to Pictures I have a few post to

In regards to Oil consuption youl just have to start from scratch and check it under normal running conditions, I would think 3000ks per litre would be acceptable at your Ks and as Oil gets dirty it will use it a lot quicker
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