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You prompted me to post this. During my ride in Colorado, I was thinking about this thread. I recently rode this list of passes, and here's my attempt at rating them before I forget which was which....

Poughkeepsie Gulch T4 W2 N2
Black Bear Pass T4 W2 N2
Imogene Pass T4 W2 N2
Unnamed, Near Lone Cone T2 W2 N3
Columbine Pass T2 W1 N2
Baxter Pass T2.5 W2 N3
Jack Springs Pass T3 W2 N3
Dunckley Pass T2 W1 N2
Ripple Creek Pass T2 W1 N2
Red Table Mountain T3 W2 N2
Hagerman Pass T3 W2 N2
Mosquito Pass T3 W2 N2
Weston Pass T2 W2 N2
Tin Cup Pass T3.5 W2 N2
Taylor Pass T4 W2 N2
Pearl Pass T4 W2 N2
Schofield Pass T5 W2 N2
Lead King Loop T4 W2 N2
McClure Pass (PAVED) T1 W1 N1
Kebler Pass T2 W1 N2
Ohio Pass T2 W1 N2
Los Pinos Pass T2 W1 N2
Cinnamon Pass T3 W2 N2
Slumgullion Pass (PAVED) T1 W1 N1
California Pass T3 W2 N2
Hurricane Pass T3 W2 N2
Corkscrew Pass T3 W2 N2
Stony Pass T3 W2 N3
Buffalo Boy Mine Road (to the top) T4.25 W2 N3; (to the mine) T4 W2 N2
Red Mountain Pass (PAVED) T1 W1 N1
Molas Pass (PAVED) T1 W1 N1

Others I've ridden in the past few years and not above:

Ophir Pass T3 W2 N2
Hancock Pass T3.5 W2 N2
Tomichi Pass T3.5 W2 N2
Williams Pass T4 W2 N2
Boreas Pass T2 W1 N2
Lynx Pass T2 W2 N2

Geyser Pass (UT) T2.5 W2 N2.5
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