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Originally Posted by pinecone
I'm just guessing but do you remember the lost desert racer from On Any Sunday?

The poor guy was lost and broken down. He decided to light a signal fire using the fuel from his bike, a bush, and a lighter. He tipped his bike enough to soak the bush with the fuel from his bike. He pushed the bike away from the bush and then lit the bush on fire. He didn't realize that trail of fuel followed his bike. Not only did he light the bush, he also caught his bike on fire.

Am I right?
Not as I've heard it but, it's all legend at this point. Some guy, I know the name but can't remember it now, rode an old Husky out into the middle of the Mojave with a buddy following him in a pick up with a bunch of concrete. They dug a pit, put the bike in and then poured concrete around it. A bunch of folks have made plaques in memory of fallen riders and friends who have died and placed them there. It's sort of a "holy" place for SoCal desert riders.

My very first real dirt ride was to Husky with some good friends. It was awesome. Can't wait to go back.
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