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your almost 2 years out of date.
Wind is NOT an issue any longer.
Kudos to the designer/maker of Madstad bracket that completely replaces stock V-strom hardware. It just plain works.

my quick take is the 650 version of the Beemer is a street bike, the Versys is a street bike, and the V-strom is a street bike that accidentally can do a job on a graded dirt road and has huge aftermarket support like right now realtime. Not one of the three is a Dualsport bike so lets not deceive one another.

I would include the KTM 950/990 in this discussion as its profile quickly helps contrast roadbikes with dualsport/Adventure bikes.

Originally Posted by Dranrab Luap
The more wind protection on the Strom may not be better. Wind management is an issue for the vast majority of V-strom owners.
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