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Originally Posted by moonie527
Thought I'd chime in here. I just bought this '89 xt350 for $600 last week (actually I'm trading some electrical work that the owner was going to pay me $600 for ). It has 8900 miles on it and starts on the first or second kick. Other than a small dent in the tank it's in great condition although it does need some routine maintenance. I'm going to order a new chain and sprockets (worn) as well as new handlebars (tweaked a little) and various other small parts. I'll probably have tons of questions as it is my first bike and I have yet to receive my Clymers for it so any advice is appreciated.

ohhh wow..... need to post a pic of my old girl even after the wife dropped it this weekend (her daughter crashed on her 200 ) that old girl is barely broken in. replace the tensioner and keep the idle up around for 1800 for good oil pressure for the tensioner. i just bought another one for 50 dollars that he had it idling way to low and the tensioner jumped.
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