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Originally Posted by FTL
Ok, so now I am totally depressed. I just pulled the head off the XT, so that I could get at the broken bolt that was in the exhaust manifold port…..well it was not a broken bolt. Sometime in the past, the threads must have stripped and the hole was filled with epoxy. I have cleaned most of the epoxy out and there is NO metal left on the head side.

Does anyone know how to fix this thing? I was considering welding, but it is super close to the head. Obviously, epoxy will not work and a new head is $550……..maybe I should just part the poor thing out.
That's a bitch... But there's still some hope left for the old girl :) If the epoxi doesn't cut it, what about liquid metal (something like epoxi, but much more durable, harder and more resistant to heat)? I don't know how you call the stuff in the US, but i think you get the point. We used this stuff to repair cracked engine cases and failed attempts to tune the channels in a 2-stroke engine, worked every time (even managed to get a 70cc scooter to reach more than 70mph with a engine case patched up this way)
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