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Loose Lois is Fine and at home in the UK

Originally Posted by Steve Pickford
If she's who I think she is, then she may have had a bad accident last year somewhere in South America, possibly involving an open face helmet & face/rock interface Apologies if I'm wrong on this. If I can find a link to the accident report, I'll post it here.

Slightly wrong, it was Amalia Zimmerman who crashed, she may have been travelling with Lois (Price?):
Yea, it wasn't Lois who crashed but one of several riding companions she had on
her trip. It happened in Bolivia and is well described on her web site.
A great read by the way, if any of you have time. Well worth it, as one of most
humorous and well written travel accounts I've seen.

I met and interviewed Lois for a local bike rag here when she passed through on
her way south. Pretty tough cookie for a Brit
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