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Originally Posted by gnostic203
The first thing I thought when I started reading this thread was "finally!". Finally some viable and valuable information on this bike I have been lusting over by a real rider none-the-less.

I can't thank you enough RTW.

Actually I have one question for you. If you were to do it all again would you choose the 800GS or another bike?
Hi Gnostic,

Now back in civilization so can reply to your question. I'll write a bit more background, but in general for very long distance touring over mixed terrain or for aorund the world touring, this bike, in my opinion, will become the new gold standard to which all others will be compared. It doesn't necessarily do any one thing exceptionally well, but does good to very good in a very broad range of conditions, and this breadth and versatility really make the bike. For riding on our continent, if you are someone like myself who can't quite make up their mind at what they want to ride on any given day (and you live in an area where there are multiple options), then either you can own a few, ride specific bikes or one general, do everything bike. This bike also fits that profile exceptionally well for me. So to answer your question, yes, I would do the same thing all over again:)
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