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One of the nice things about riding solo is taking the time to do things that you might not if you were with someone else. When I first saw this barn I thought it had an interesting character. But I rode passed.....then suddenly stopped. What am I doing! Turn around, fool! Go back and compose a picture to share with all of your ADV friends.

So I did. And it looks like this...........

I must have done that 50 times during this ride. Check the mirrors, clamp on the brakes, spin around, ride back, compose, click, turn back around and move on. You just can't do that as easily with another rider along.

This caught my eye during a much needed nature break.....

Many of the roads I traveled were similar to this.........

And if I'm not mistaken, that is a county road.

A cool shot of a tree eating a county road marker...

I'll bet WV loses a lot of state property that way. I can here 'em now, "Well Ah know thar used t' be sign around here somewhere's, things just don't up 'n disappear ya know."

It was about this time that I came upon an intriguing sight....

Now I'll be 53 years old soon and I feel the aches and pains that go with those years. And every now and then I think about my own mortality, but......

Yeah, I thought about it. Go ahead, Denny, take a sip. Nice cool mountain water. Shut 'er down, pull that hot helmet off, step up to the sink. Right.

What would you have done?

A retired old CJ5. Probably huddling in it's final resting place.

There were also some very nice farms.

I noticed a lot of the decorative stars along the way. They were on houses, garages, barns and just about and kind of structure. Anyone know if there is any significance to them or are they just ornamental?

I passed through Williamstown, Waverly, Shultz, Harrisville, Pullman. I took one lane county roads down into Auburn and then rolled south on SR74. I was getting hungry and was looking for a place to stop and eat a lunch that I had packed before leaving.

Riding down a short straight stretch I glanced left to see a field full of rusted old cars and trucks behind a small white house in need of some TLC. A cluttered yard not unlike many I had seen earlier this morning...but something screamed at me to............STOP!

This is when I met Delaney Atkins...Car Guy.

Don't know why I'm lost all the time...
Everyone is always telling me where to go.

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