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I went up to skyline last weekend to see if it was open.
The website said it was open then closed at main divide.
The gate was closed.....
Some nice mountain bikers noticed me trying to figure out how that amazing gate lock works and said "you pull this lever and it releases that one".
Their was no lock.....hmmm?
The forest service website says its open the gate is not locked , I have never seen a ranger up here before, my brothers have never rode here and I wanted to show them....

I feel it is safe to continue....
Lets ride.

We get to the top and I show them this and that.

Me " Ok we have to turn back from here".

Bro " How about that gate? Does it have a lock?"

Me " OH NO , NO WAY we are going through that gate! "

Just then a ranger pulls up hmmm?
He see our plates and says "darn I thought I was going to get to wright tickets".

"OK lets have a look at those bikes"

Bike one no DOT tire Pipe OK.
Bike two same .
Bike three DOT Tires OK , No spark arrester! Doh!

We get a little speech.
about non DOT tires making an unnecessary dent in the earth...

He tells us how he could give my brother a ticket and if their is a fire his bike could be tested and if there are sparks coming out he would be charged and billed for the fire response and even charged with manslaughter if someone was killed.
OR we could push his bike out since he did not see us riding the bike up there.

So we pushed the bike up the hill and coasted it all they way down out.
Seeing another ranger as we coasted by.

We did not argue with him or make a lot of excuses we just listen to what he had to say.

My brother said I think that guy was great , he could of really screwed us.
I thought hmmm I wonder how many people get their bike towed by being jerks to the rangers...

As soon as we got home he tried to put the stock pipe back on butt needed a part , I think he went Monday to get it..........

In his defense He just bought the bike and just hadn't gotten around to putting it back on.
We NEVER ride without ALL the legal stuff Just this one time......
I guess that all it takes.

Anyway Skyline is open.
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