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Originally Posted by Skyclad
I did not start it, so Idid not think about it. There is also the Empire State Tag-o-Rama.

Luke, good grab. One thing that is nice is for the tag grabber to post up a bit of info about the tag location so that others that may be interested may visit the site later. Not required, but a good thing to do.
No sweat, I'd love to and will in the future. This is right up my alley, I love taking pictures and talking about the ride and the area. TONS of civil war stuff around here.

The area is just south of the Conowingo Falls Dam and hydro power plant, between I-95 and Route 1 just off the Susquehana River. There is a nice path along the river for hiking or bicycling. There are some mountain bike and hiking trails in the area. The Susquehana is also a great place to kayak, and there is some white water (weather permitting) at some of the creeks that dump into the rive.

I took back roads from Finksburg, MD and just headed north and east. I went too far east and had to double back north of BelAir. I guess the easiest way to find this place would be to probably take Route 40 or Route 1 until the last possible turn on the MD side of the Susquehana River and just try and stay close to the water. I felt like I had to hurry before somebody else got there first, lol. Next time I'll be sure and take more pictures. The road that runs past this house follows a beuatiful creek for a ways before heading back torwards modern civiliation. The whole way home I kept thinking..."If only I had a blackberry."
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