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Momafox can I ride?
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Let the games begin...

Nice to have all these other games with no one really in charge. Virginia is always such an authoritarian communistwealth in every way, even our tag game.

Date stamps mean nothing as they can be fiddled with, put in wrong files, cameras used by people who never bothered to set the date or a wrong date in 1997 etc...It's the honesty of the players that counts and if you say you rode out there today that's enough, no need to confirm. And no need to analize every tag game out there Retro! You doing it for the VA game should be plenty. We're the only ones that really need the oversight anyway so you are needed and apreciated, but it's funny how other states behave themselves well enough to not need a tag boss.

Haha you can tell the kids you don't really win anything except the glory of getting the tag, setting the next tag in a place of your choosing, and one big fat ride, sometimes without the glory if you get Bruced.

Have fun y'all.
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