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Originally Posted by bluesman
Quick question.
I am looking for quite aggressive (more than Mefo 99) tyres for my DR. Objective: 200 km to the meeting point on motorways, totally offroad riding for 1.5 days, 200 km back.
I did it once with Mefos and found them to be too bad in mud (rest is fine).
Fellow DR owners from Dutch club suggested Pirelli MT21. Somebody else suggested TKC80. I know TKC80s are better on pavement, but are they good enough for mud? And opposite side: are MT21s that scary on pavement that I will kill myself during that "paved" part of ride? Anybody tried to run MT21 on DR?
I need tyres that would give me more confidence in wet stuff (Mefo's just s..s in the "wet" offroad) but will not kill me on simple ride to meeting points on paved roads at about 120 kmph motorway riding...
I heard horror stories on MT21s like "on pavement it is like riding on bearing balls" - is that truly THAT bad?
MT21 are what I want to put on My DR as they are sopposed to be one off the best,, It funny I think were all getting woosy cause that XR500 im riding on my aviator allways had full knobbly tires on it and I could give the sports bikes off the day a good thrashing on the tight roads and in the wet I enjoyed it cause I could slide easy in the tight turns, I think were just all spoilt now, Dont think the 21s will be to bad for short distances on road but I think the main Issue is they wear out quicker
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