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I shut the KLR off, unbuckled my helmet strap and hooked it on the mirror, took the gloves off and walked up to the front porch. I knocked...........nothing. I was really hoping someone was home because I thought there might be some good photo ops in that pile of rust behind the house.
I walked around to the back and heard voices from inside. I knocked............the voices fell silent............nothing again............but they knew someone was there. Then the back door opened and an older gent peered at me through the brown screen...."Howdy." "Howdy." I said back and then explained to him that I was on my way to Seneca Rocks area for a couple days. I asked if he would mind if I went back and had lunch among the cars and if he cared if I took a few pictures.

He stepped out into the yard. Thinning disheveled hair, glasses, short sleeved shirt...unbuttoned and untucked, faded jeans with the unbuckled end of his belt hanging to his right knee, teeth left back in the house in a, no doubt, dirty glass. "Nah, hep yourself. I have more cars than that if ya want t' see 'em. Back on th' hill in a trailer."

I thanked him and he then started going on and on about this car and that, engine displacement, 8 lug wheels, horse power, etc., etc.
I slowly started making my way back to the bike to grab my lunch and camera, him still talking in the background. He eventually wound down and mosied back into the house while I let myself into the field where the cars were.

Cool, right up my alley. A 1952 Ford pickup! I had one back in high school!

I took my time weaving around and through the cars snapping shots that I thought might be interesting. I ate lunch as went and just took the time to relax a little.
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