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Originally Posted by PNWRider
I think that we were the ones in front of you! I am surprised that you did not catch us. We made a few extended stops due to one in our group thinking that a motorcycle trip would be a good time to try and pass a kidney stone, other then that the rest of us had a great trip but also had to go around the two fires. There were four of us; we had two KLRs and two BMW GSAs.
I did have a question for anyone that has completed the route. At the second to last GPS coordinate, they have you turn left on what looks to be a road on the map, but it was actually a pack trail. I did go up the trail for a ways but there was a tree down that would have been hard to lift the BMWs over. Has anyone else run into this problem? We just detoured around and met back up with the final coordinate.
Cool...We probably would have caught you but I had the GPS and the others were ahead of me and missed a turn. I just stopped and waited for like a half hour or so for them to come back! This wasn't too far past Rager RS, where they said you were 10-15 mins ahead. As far as the route I had a GPS track that we followed. I saw your tracks make the turn they missed but not sure after that where I stopped seeing them. Where did you come out at? We popped out on 395 about 8 miles from Seneca? I did have a track that would take us to Seneca but we decided to take the other route. It was a nice ride, thanks for posting
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