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day 3 continues....

Blurry eyed from the massive breakfast burrito, we threw our legs back over our bikes and rolled on to Butte and drier climates. The clouds were clearing and we were looking forward to drying out.
We hit the gas station and big box store for a few supplies and continued on, picking up the trial again at Highlands Drive/ Pirestone Pass. Again, the riding was amazing as we moved east toward I-15.
From CDR-2008

Just past I-15 we got stuck in a bit of traffic, but managed through...
From CDR-2008

Moving southwest, we were headed towards the dreaded Fleecer ridge. The actual trail down the ridge never seemed to show up on the GPS or the maps, so we just followed what was in front of us as we moved towards Highway 40 and the Big Hole River. The riding was amazing the views could not be better.
From CDR-2008

From CDR-2008

[more later...]
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