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Originally Posted by engineer1984
How do you make a two stroke legal? Thats kick ass!!
There was a time, not too long ago, all it took was someone with a CA. headlamp and taillamp inspection license to sign off just about any bike here in CA. to get plates. DMV did not have to look at the bike if you had this certificate. It did have to meet certain standards like a horn, LH mirror, turn signals, headlight, taillamp, stop lamp, and be able to burn a running light for 10 minutes without the engine running. All this came to a hault I believe in 98'. I know this because my brother held such a certificate and I saw many bikes get there plates if they meet the requirments. Talking with the owner of the CR500 this morning he was fortunate to be one of the last to push his bike through and get plates before the DMV figured it all out.

I have also heard rummor that the DMV is starting to go back through files and checking VIN numbers and starting to pull plates from bikes that were never intended for street use. Not sure if this is a fact but I have heard rummors.

Its always good to see and know a few are still out there.
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