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Originally Posted by engineer1984
So what would happen if you built a bike with a 500 cc 2 stroke engine as the power plant? People custom build choppers that can't meet the noise requirements and probably don't meet the emission tests either. But these bikes are street legal. So while it may be difficult to get a manufacturers 2 stroke to become street legal, it may be easier to make a custom bike with a 2 stroke motor street legal.
All kinds of bikes can be registered for the road in various states. Ride them in your home state, then officially 'import' and register them in your home state after some number of miles.

California, even with the most rigorous emissions laws, can really only regulate manufacturers and aftermarket service business regarding emissions. (A common theme in government.) If a person builds their own 'personal transportation' the regulations mainly apply only to roadworthiness. Lighting, braking distance, etc.

A caveat for a formerly roadworthy and registered manufactured vehicle that for one reason or another has been rendered a 'salvage value'. The 'recovered vehicle' more or less qualifies as a self-built vehicle when rendered roadworthy by the owner.

Acourse this requires more than a little legal research, and savvy at your state motor vehicle department. Mainly savvy amounts to documents, patience, and calm repetition.

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