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So what would happen if you built a bike with a 500 cc 2 stroke engine as the power plant? People custom build choppers that can't meet the noise requirements and probably don't meet the emission tests either. But these bikes are street legal. So while it may be difficult to get a manufacturers 2 stroke to become street legal, it may be easier to make a custom bike with a 2 stroke motor street legal.

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It all depends upon your in Indiana,it's very easy. I did a CR500 last year,my KX500 next. Here,after installing a brake light,head light and horn,the bike is inspected by the local LE officer for road worthyness. He then signs our Indiana Change of Body affidavit,that's
taken back to the license branch to generate a road type of title from.
This COB document is the same one used for the custom bikes that
you made mention of....

Sam in IN

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