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I've been THIS close to getting mine running for about 3 weeks now, which I guess means my judgment of what's left is off, but I think I knew that already.

Anyway, a funny story from the trenches: I'm really bad at wiring and electrical "stuff". I'm looking at the harness and absolutely can't make heads or tails of it, so I give in and call Niles (team mechanic) for advice. As it happens, we were living in parallel yet opposite worlds- as I called, Neil Diamond was blaring in the background. Niles had the Kinks going, working on a Virago 750 or somesuch, we discussed and agreed that Diamond and a Rallybike was almost perfectly the opposite of his situation.

I digress.

I asked Niles about the harness and he started laughing.

Apparently, the harness is weird to start with becuase the Baja Designs stator runs everything on DC. Then, to make it extra special, Charlie wired everything with only one color wire (I already knew this) and for some wires, ran extras parallel for use if there were a short on the primary (this had me pretty confused).

Niles' advice? "Start over".

I think I've got it sorted far enough to start it, but I'm going to need help with this. Any electrical gurus in the front range? I pay in Beer and Pizza!

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