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day 3 keeps going

....We made it down the Fleecer Ridge area to Highway 40 and the Big Hole River. One of the many great things about Montana is not only the dirt riding great, but the road riding isn't too bad either. In the more rural areas, the daytime speed limit is 70 mph.... everywhere.
With not to many folks on the road, you can really open it up and have a blast. So, we made quick time to Wise River where we picked up some fixin's for dinner, adult beverages, and a sport drink to keep us going.
Having started the day in the rain and clouds and now be out in the warm sun, experiencing places we've never been, we were having the time of our lives.

Wise River....

From CDR-2008

At Wise river, you turn south on Polaris Road. We were expecting dirt, and was surprised to find it paved... it didn't matter though as the road was completely empty, full of twists and turns, and the views were great.

From CDR-2008

Coming out of the Pioneer Mountains, we kicked around the idea of calling it a day when we saw the sign for the Elkhorn Hotsprings..... very tempting, but we were having just too good of a time to quit riding.

So we continued south out into the valleys....

From CDR-2008

At this point in the trip, my GPS had frozen up on me. Most likely due to user error, I'm sure, but I did not know the proper button combo to reboot the thing. Being a proper male, I did not bring along the manual either (who needs directions, right?) Turning it off and on again (many, many, times) did nothing.....
So we pulled out the Gazetteer with our highlighted route and followed that. Thankfully we were on the section of the route where the distance between turns could be 30+ miles apart.
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