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many lessons learned

I have fixed my starter on the 97 rxc and have learned a great deal from this thread and from doing the procedure itself. LESSONS LEARNED:

1. the bike has the kokusan ignition, not the sem

2. therefore the 26 mm flywheel puller i bought was too small, it takes the 33mm puller described earlier in this thread. the one i found was off ebay and was listed for a late model suzuki gsxr 750/1000, it was $35 shipped.

3. the threads on the flywheel nut are reversed, confounding initial removal. that said an impact wrench loosened the nut without the need to hold the flywheel, crank etc. the flywheel came right off using the correct puller

4. all 19993 seals are not created equal. my carquest guy said he could cross reference that number but the seal he got me had a garter spring that was too thick. he got me a national seal rather than a skf

5. my spring was stretched but not broken. there was however a loose piece of the inner clutch retainer loose in the assembly, causing the horrid cacaphony whilst spinning. offending fragment removed and the scored inner surface of the flywheel surface smoothed with a dremel

6. since i had the bike apart and on the ground i was determined to think of a way to fix it, despite not having the right replacement garter. I noticed how the spring was made; there is one end of the spring that is of a smaller, corkscrew-type diameter that threads it self into the other end, forming a circle. viola: why not unscrew the spring off itself and shorten its overall length to tighten things up? answer: why not indeed.

7. one can shorten the spring by cutting the non-corkscrew end with a diamond dremel. shortened spring can then be re-installed. cost: $zero dollars, euros etc. starter works perfectly now

8. if your spring has not broken, you can keep things tidy during the spring removal process by using a rubber band in its place to keep all the little bits in their proper position in the sprag assembly.

I know that my solution was probably only a temporary fix until i find the correct replacement spring but this solution might be a good emergency fix if you can't get parts or get desperate like me.

I took pics of everything concerning the spring shortening if anyone has a desire to see them, i chopped about 2 cm off the old garter. it is just one more way to skin the cat.

Has anyone saved their old sprag assembly, if so i could use the serpentine wire retainer that is on the inside diameter, holding the sprags in as this part is broken in my assembly. i guess I should just bite the bullet and get a new assembly but where is the fun in that?

Losiu, sorry yours is broke again. Am i reading the caliper in your photos right? the correct garter is 1.3 mm thick?
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