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I had a DRZ 250 that I just sold. They are pretty easy to make street legal, I did that to mine for about $200 bucks. They already have a dual element headlight and tailight, you just need to do the wiring and install a brake light switch. Then install a horn and mirror and you are good to go. I ended up buying the edge 2 tailight because I needed a liscense plate light so I ended up with 2 brakelights.

I thought the bike was good for moderate offroad but sucked on the road at speed. I sold it and purchased a DR 650 last week, its heavier but it is a world of difference on the road at highway speeds. I really don't plan to do much tough offroad, mainly just gravel and two track roads so I really did not need the lighweight of the 250. Otherwise it was a good bike for what it was designed to do.
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