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Originally Posted by dentvet
Losiu, sorry yours is broke again. Am i reading the caliper in your photos right? the correct garter is 1.3 mm thick?
Thanks for the great post.
I'm only guessing that mine broke because the starter was working totally fine and then suddenly, out of the blue it started making that nasty noise again.
Previously, the spring just stretched and, as you can see in the pic, was all twisted and battered. It happened gradually and I was still sometimes able to start the bike with the starter.
This time it happened suddenly.

I also have a piece of info, though.
The ERIKS 50 x 72 x 7 seal (Dutch) has the right diameter spring. I can't tell you exactly how "thick" it is because I don't have a caliper that's precise enough. The difference between too thick and just right is really small.

Since it's hard to find a place that has the right ERIKS seal, I asked about the 19993 SKF seal and they told me that such a thing doesn't exist. The number doesn't make any sense. I have no idea whether it's an issue with Poland or all of Europe, but such a part number does not make it possible to get the right spring. They didn't have ERIKS in stock so they sold me a $1 German seal with similar measurements (can't see the company name on it) and the spring is too thick. The measurements of this one are 50 x 70 x 8.

If it turns out it's difficult for me to find the right seal again, I don't see how it's even worth the time to ride/drive around or even call a hundred places in order to find one.
It only takes one trip or phone call to order the whole unit at the KTM place.

After all, I know LC4s with 60.000kms on them and the sprague clutch works fine.


PS. Can anyone post the measurements of the right SKF seal ? Thanks
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