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Terry ... excellect ride report, as usual.

Glenn, though I don't believe we've met, I see your KLR suffers from a type of rear-tire-disorder that I can relate to! Just ask JD, Chopper, Matt, Motomedic, DOD ... the list goes on, and on, and on ...

Also, it's weird you 'lost' your Supertrapp ... mine broke cleanly off at the FACTORY weld the last time I took out my XRL. Never going to buy that brand again.

Chopper & Matt ... glad to 'see' you guys again, even if it's from my computer screen.

Julio ... nice to see a fellow NYer out there mixing it up.

JD - sorry to see you go. I hope your travels bring you happiness. Thanks for the few rides I was party to ... they were fun and challenging at times (when I wasn't fixing flats). Good luck.

Me, well, I've been working my ass off ... paying bills and getting out of debt. Not there yet, but I need to make the money when I can. I would have LOVED to join you all on this epic travel, but I just couldn't afford to take the time off from work.

Which was probably best for those involved, as with my 'luck' I wouldn't have made it past mile 1 without a flat!

But you'll be pleased to know I've outfitted the XRL with a rear rack that now carries spare front & rear wheels/tires, as well as the 45 liter Givi hard saddlebags (complete with a lot of tools) on both sides! Funny, when I carry all that crap, I never break down, but when I shed it for a 'local' ride, well ... I do a lot of cursing and pushing the bike.

I'll stop the rambling and thread hijack now. Sorry.

Best of luck to all and see you out on the trail.
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