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Originally Posted by JimVonBaden
All warranty parts are kept, usually to return to the factory for testing.

As for the rest, the guy needs a chill pill. It is amazing how much more some on the internet DO know than some of the dealers, though, of course, not everything you read on the internet is true!

Well, I'll ask and se what they say. Still waiting on a call back from this morning to see if they've even got the replacement controller in yet...

I don't tell 'em anything about the Internet. When I took it in last week for the appt I said "a few guys I know with GS's have had this same symptom and it turned out to be the fuel pump controller". Next day "We determined it was the fuel pump controller after the pump didn't return an error code".

So I'm guessing the reason this isn't a recall is there isn't a replacement part that seems to fix the root issue, from what I am reading on this and the forum. There are some instances of multiple replacements. The failure mechanism seems to be inconsistent. It's been happening since model release in 2004, so obviously BMW doesn't have a handle on the issue. At this point (and long before) BMW knew this was an issue with the present R12GS fuel system design. Knowledge that the controller can (and does) fail causing the bike to stop rather suddenly seems like a liability issue. I know it was scary for me on the freeway 2 Saturdays ago in moderate traffic with construction and no shoulder to pull off on when my GSA started cutting out. I was very lucky at that point it didn't stop completely or I would have been at a dead stop in a 'live' lane on the freeway. It slowed to about 20mph and then started back up, a few times.
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