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'A' Whoa! That's quite a little system they got there, Daneel. Seems like the whole purpose of the procedure is to make money by not paying claims when the dealer doesn't follow the procedure.

These warranty procedures which, as I've said, are common to all vehicle manufacturers, are put in place and usually serve well to reduce manufacturer warranty loss caused by careless work or fraudulent practices at dysfunctional dealers. Making money and stopping loss are not exactly the same thing.

'B' The manufacturer spends more attention on developing and policing that system than they do a lot of other things.

You asked for and received a truthful expanded expert explanation of certain aspects of the control system under which dealers operate when your vehicle warranty comes into play. Forum members reading your comment 'B' will now expect you to give your detailed explanation of how manufacturers allot their time and resources. Remember that without credible supporting information, most assertions such as yours must be entirely dismissed by even the mildly skeptical reader.

'C' I'm glad though, because when ciirap fails, it's nice to know the great care in which it will be thrown away on an exact day. Not any sooner, and certainly not any later.

Is "ciirap" another trendy fake word in the vast lexicon of the 21St-Century idiot?
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