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Current info on Rayhouse/Rieff Rd

Took the DRZ out to for a scoot and found myself at the west gate to Rieff Rd (Rayhouse in Yolo Co.). The sign at Knoxvill/Berryessa Rd now reads "Road Close Permanently". Not being one to refuse an invitation like this, I rode up to the gate and despite the sign (or maybe inspite of the sign) the gate was open. Launched down the hill to find the partial washouts from last winter unrepaired. There are 3 pretty rocky areas on downhill corners that were rutted in the winter. They are passable (no sweat on the DRZ) by larger trialies but traction might get a bit scetchy with street type rubber.

As I rode along I noticed other high erosion areas that were in marginal shape. At the top of the ridge there is a large friendly sign that sez "End of County Maintained Road". The sign faces east so I'm interpreting that, plus the lack of maintenance evidence to mean that the county will only be grading this road up to the top of the ridge (since that's the part used by the Raft Tour companies).

The remainder of the road was in good shape and the east gate (Cache Creek side) was open.

Dunno if I just got lucky that the west gate was open or not but it would appear that the western half of the road will become more and more gnarly as sucessive winter rains erode the rocky corners. If the washouts get serious, large trailies will have a problem with the last climb and last few corners even if the west gate is open.

It's pretty nice up there now that the weather has cooled a bit but pretty dry. Still worth a ride from the east to sit by the lake and watch the local bald eagle soar around.
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