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Originally Posted by DoctorIt
Since there are quite a few new owners in here, anyone care to comment on pricing? BMW list price is $10,520 - my big local dealer (*back home - moving home to US in 2 months) is listing them on the web at $12,520!?!!!

Far as I know, not much in the way of big options on this bike, so where on earth is the extra 20% coming from, seems crazy!
What options are included in that price? My 800, which was picked up in Bremerhafen two days ago, and is due to arrive out here in Oregon in mid-October, includes the center stand, ABS, OBC, and clear indicators, and the price is going to be ~US$12,500 with dealer prep. And I'm getting it at MSRP. So your price, depending on what's included, doesn't seem all that out of line to me.


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