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Originally Posted by Papa Pete
Yes if you check on thumper talk, there is advice to cut the tabs off the frame. I didn't and havn't had any problems. Yes you do have to relocate stock turn sigs on the front end. I went with the Acrbis hand guards with the turn sigs built into them.

Is that the taxi driver bead seat your running there?
How well do rate them for long distance riding? With the bigger tank, I don't have to stop riding for about 200 miles before refuel and my ass would like
something between it and the seat.
I like the beads. They help a lot, but the seat is still a brick. The airflow through the beads makes a tremendous difference in butt comfort during long hot rides.

The beads were made for a pillion seat on a cruiser. I just took some measurements and ordered what I thought would work the best. If I remember correctly, they're 14 inches long and 10 inches wide.

In cooler weather, I use a Walmart ATV seat. It helps too, and it was less than 20 bucks.

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