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the masiah and i didn't wait too long, klnkern and sito rode in

air down = better traction = speed

w8ted about 15 minutes so we don't leave anyone behind, especially those who made us think they're coming

at 6:20 pm, we were moving

bruce and i were worried that sito will catch up and leave us in a dust storm....check out the brown cloud behind us, a 950 storm coming

soon chris passed us. note to nOObs, putting weight on the peg makes the bike turn

oh shit, here's sito

right on my butt

and now there's a rock spittin 950 in front of me!

used to be a water crossing now mud...too bad the pic turned out crappy, it's almost evening inside the canyons

enjoying the break, and these guys rode light, no 12-pack tonight

at 7pm, the trail looks like this.....nOOb friendly, i didn't have chance to take pictures of sections making lynx notorious since both hands had gorilla grip on the bars.

minor trailside repair; this 950 is still spotless , we'll see it again later on

we made it to the mill creek ranger station at 7:15

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