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Now is time for some decisions.

I think I want to run an 18mm offset on this bike, rather than the 20mm it was fitted with by the KTM factory. The 18mm will put a little more weight on the front end, which will happen anyway with all the extra weight from the fairing and fuel, etc. I have 18-22mm offsets on the pile. The 20mm might be fine? This will take some testing once the bike is running.

I'm 235lbs - so the front forks will probably get .50kg/mm springs, and the back a 10N spring as starting points. I need to get those ordered.

I'm still looking for an LC4 rear wheel. When I sold off the last of my LC4's, I sold off all the cush drive rear wheels I had. Now I want one for this bike. Not that it needs it for the dirt, but I plan to dual sport this bike, and pile on some miles. Any help I can give to drivetrain will probably be worth the effort.

The front wheel is a an OE takeoff from my 950 Super Enduro - heavy duty spokes and a DirtStar wheel. It's much stronger than the original 525 front wheel.

For the front brakes, I'm considering upsizing to a larger rotor. I have to see what I have, and mix and match caliper hangers to make it work.

This bike was originally fitted with LC4 660 radiators, which are all but unobtainable. I will use a set of Fluidyne radiators. These add quite a bit more core area and cool the motor quite well. I've been using them on the 450 for a while now, and do not need a fan with these radiators. I'm sure I will have to fabricate some brackets to make these work.

Lots of stuff to think about.
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