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Originally Posted by DakarBlues
Test drove the Gs 800 today.
unless you look over your knees, it looks like a detuned 1200 GS.
The position was quite cramped with the low seat (I'm 6'3 though) and the dashboard is low, just as on a 1200 GS.
Of course it's lighter, but noise, reluctance to get up to revs, backfiring at roll-off, everything is so similar.
It was a quite short run (less than 20 miles), but I found it far less peppy than my KTM 950 S and far less entertaining.
In order to keep up with fast traffic you have to be well over 6500rpm, with the 950 you generally don't need to go past 5000rpm, torque-wise, it''s quite weak, it's a machine that needs to be whipped up and so enine noise is generally more prevalent than wind noise.
If I could have a jetting getting my 950 around 45 mpg., I guarantee you I would be a happy man, but no thanks, I'm not getting a BMW GS.
I think you will have more success if you ride it.

6,500 rpm? I have no problems in keeping up with traffic and sportsbikes at 5,500 rpm on my Dakar. The 650 twin has got even more grunt.
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