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Hi Dan - +1 with Seth. I'm interested but would like to see some pics as well.

I'd be really interested if he could make a good top box holder. I was going to make my own but haven't had the time. Something that you could attach a givi box holder to. The ones I've seen before seem too far back.

I think I posted pics in this thread of my earlier LC4 where I could slide it back and forth about 10". That would be extra helpful on this bike with the fuel filler right where we want it to be.

I'm not a civil engineer. When I mess around with making my own, I want it to be as strong as possible and the weight spread out. I'm guessing the KTM pannier rack is trying to do that with the arch in the support that goes down to the passenger footpeg?

Sorry to keep rambling Dan, but 1 thing that would make me more interested in your friends pannier rack would be if it came off and on quickly and easily. I often ride a couple hours on the freeway and then (either planned or unplanned) ride off road for a while. I like to be able to throw mirrors/lights/rack etc in a top box and cable lock it to a tree. There's something cool about riding the same bike you were just riding for 2 hours on the road off road that just lost 35 lbs.

Anyways, I'm definitely interested as well

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