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moving on...

As dusk moved onto night, we settled in with a quick dinner and sat looking at the stars beginning to emerge out of the twilight when we heard some heavy breathing and the crunching of gravel coming from the south side of the saddle. It was two guys on bicycles who were touring the same route as us from the south. They asked if they could share the camp spot with us since it was getting dark and wanted to stop for the night.
They had started down in Antelope Wells a month and a half ago and were headed all the way to Banff. I had done some bike touring in the past myself and we swapped stories about different tours and such. One of guys had a really impressive rig and not one that many would voluntarily take on such a long tour: a 29 inch, single speed
His riding partner asked were we were headed for the night and when we said "Jackson", he paused and muttered ", we were there 4 days ago... and you will be there for happy hour?"
I think he was immediately questioning is vehicle of choice for the trip.

Here is photo from the next morning...

From CDR-2008

Having not run into anyone else heading north, we inquired about some sections of the trail and their status..... They told us that the route south of Island Park that follows an old railway grade was filled with loose sand and the old tunnel that you ride through had caved in.... Flag Ranch Road was still buried in a ton of snow as well as Union Pass.....
hummm.... ya, but they were there almost a week ago, so that snow should be gone by the time we roll up....
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