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Nir and I spent two nights in Boquete, a mountain village in western Panama. It's an attractive town with cute hotels, good restaurants, and a small population of tourists and expats.

The balcony of our hotel overlooked a rushing river:

We unloaded our bikes and set off to ride up a nearby volcano. This was a morning-only activity; every day a torrential downpour begins at 3pm and we didn't want to be outside for it.

Nir's photo

Nir's first drop!

We encountered a steep stretch of road with grapefruit-sized rocks covering wet, slippery mud.

After 20 minutes of sliding around on my nearly-bald rear tire and making zero progress up the hill, we finally gave up. Dropping the air pressure to 16psi didn't help. The height of the 640A works against me; it's hard to take my weight off the tires and push the bike on a slippery surface. I spent a lot of time throttling the bike from a standing position next to it, making six inches of progress at a time. My kingdom for a knobby tire!

We made it back just before the rain started.

I've been reminded that my story has been deficient of food porn as of late. This food from a Peruvian restaurant was the best meal I had in Panama:

Some Mexican food:

San Francisco to Panama and back... eventually?
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