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Originally Posted by tmgs
well everything tempts me , but for now with the R1200 gsa and the r1200gs we are waiting till next year to think about buying any more bikes.

But I see it as a replacement to the 1200, which leaves tank size and alt power as a downside to it at this point.

I like the simplicity of it, I would really have to get used to filling it off the bike though, I rarely get off my bike at a gas station, it looks fun and bet it is much better off road for a half old goat like me, gas mileage makes it tempting, I cant wait to hear real numbers from riders that ride like we do, to go from mid/low 30's to say mid/high 50's would be awesome with the gas prices like they are! when you are paying a combined 8 bucks a gallon every gas stop it gets pricey real quick (we are filling two bikes up when we ride)
It's still getting over 60mpg even after the post break in throttle cranking the I've been inflicting. It's not a problem filling up the tank without getting off the bike.

The 800 honeymoon continues...
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