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A birthday ride: Letís take the 73 year old bike, shall we?

NOTE: the original attached photos were dropped during the ADVrider server conversion in early 2009 (?) so I've updated with replaced photos.

The backstory is here:

And now for the ride intro……..

This won’t be a ride report of places exotic and wild (to most). Nor will the ride be of a long duration. Just a day ride. But it will be one with a bit of a twist. What’s the twist? Well….the bike I chose for this ride isn’t the usual late model big bore dual sport we see on ADVrider. No, there was a time when adventuring on a motorcycle was just that, adventuring. There was no such term as “dual sport”. Heck, motorcycles were simply another solution for economical transportation that didn’t involve a horse. A rider used their motorcycle the way they had to or desired. Yah, you see where this is headed.

So, the bike I chose for this ride is one you won’t typically see on the roads these days. Maybe all shined up and fully restored sitting behind a velvet rope in a museum but not on the streets. Its a 1935 Harley-Davidson model VLD. Check out that backstory thread mentioned above for more details.

As an aside, let’s forget about the ruffle of Harley vs non-Harley and the culture qualms. It’s all about motorcycling, isn’t it? So much disdain and speak of those that don’t ride the brand the speaker rides. In my book it’s about riding. Period. Don’t care if its 50cc or 2000cc (or more appropriately for the sake of this thread, cubic inch displacement), what country it’s from, or brand name it wears. Now, let’s dispel some myths, shall we?

This isn’t about a “bike show” or “who can win the local yokel shiniest machine” award. It’s about experiencing the machine for what it was when it was. Yah, everything can and has been improved in the motorcycle world but maybe things weren’t all that bad back in the day? Just different. I could ride the late model BMW for my birthday….. Nope. Too “usual” and “been there done that, can predict the ending” (a great ending! But....). Done this sort of thing before with other old vehicles. Run them as they were the way they were. No modernizing, just enjoy and respect them for what they are.

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