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Originally Posted by Brew4u
Well you all are right, I am out of gas.

Don"t want to hold the game up, but I don"t even have enough gas to get me to Black Mountain.

Which one of you has the stockpile of gas at your house so I can keep this game alive?
Do like the rest of the fools follow a tanker truck to the gas station and sit at the pump and wait for the attendant to turn the pumps on. Or U could wait in line for 3 hrs only to find out that they sold 5,000 gallons of fuel in 2 hours and 45 mins and that means that U are SOL and that U just wasted 3 hrs that U could have drove down the mtn to SC or across the border to TN and got gas. WNC is the only place in the grand ole USof A that is having this issue. The news 13 is telling U that it is the SE they are full of it. OK I will tell U my lil secert but it stays for motorcycles only I dont want to see a buttload of cages clogging up my AM commute. The Truck Stop on 26 is getting a tanker at about 2 to 3 AM every day so if U get there at 0445 like I do U can get gas and not wait in line. Now back on topic . Brew roll ur bike to a new tag U know like we used to do when we were kids .

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